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Chef Services

Relax with family & friends & enjoy a delicious three (3) course meal for 2-6 people prepared at your place of residence. Cost of Chef Services: $75/hour. Services include: Consulting, menu planning, grocery shopping (fee for shopping & c.o.g is additional cost) the morning of cooking day, prepping, cooking, properly storing your meals, labels for your containers, heating instructions, clean up, wiping down surfaces, sweeping, and my garbage removal.

Past Menu: Jan 13


Jamaican Curried Oyster Mushroom
Jamaican (oxtail style) Oyster Mushroom
Chicpea Masala
Sweet & Sour Cauliflower bites
South African pinto bean & potato stew


Tri-color Quinoa with parsley
Spinach Brown Rice
Mixed Vegetable Medley
Mashed Pumkin with vegan garlic
butter & tumeric
Garlic Kale with sundried tomatoes